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Entorhinal-based path integration selectively predicts midlife risk of Alzheimer's disease.

Newton C, Pope M, Rua C, Henson R, Ji Z, Burgess N, Rodgers CT, Stangl M, Dounavi ME, Castegnaro A, Koychev I, Malhotra P, Wolbers T, Ritchie K, Ritchie CW, O’Brien J, Su L, Chan D.

Alzheimer's & Dementia, 20, 2779-2793 (2024).

Mobile cognition: imaging the human brain in the ‘real world’.

Stangl M, Maoz SL, Suthana N.

Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 24, 347-362 (2023).

Dynamic neural representations of memory and space during human ambulatory navigation.

Maoz SLL, Stangl M, Batista D, Topalovic U, Hiller S, Aghajan Z, Knowlton B, Stern J, Langevin JP, Fried I, Eliashiv D, Suthana N.

Nature Communications, 14, 6643 (2023).

A wearable platform for closed-loop stimulation and recording of single-neuron and local field potential activity in freely-moving humans.

Topalovic U, Barclay S, Ling C, Alzuhair A, Yu W, Hokhikyan V, Chandrakumar H, Rozgic D, Jiang W, Basir-Kazeruni S, Maoz SL, Inman CS, Stangl M, Gill J, Bari A, Fallah A, Eliashiv D, Pouratian N, Fried I, Suthana N**, Markovic D**. [**shared senior authors]
Nature Neuroscience, 26, 517-527 (2023).

Entorhinal grid-like codes and time-locked network dynamics track others navigating through space.

Wagner IC, Graichen LP, Todorova B, Lüttig A, Omer DB, Stangl M, Lamm C.

Nature Communications, 14, 231 (2023).

A pilot study of closed-loop neuromodulation for treatment-resistant post-traumatic stress disorder.

Gill JL*, Schneiders JA*, Stangl M, Aghajan ZM, Hiller S, Topalovic U, Vallejo M, Inman CS, Villaroman D, Bari A, Adhikari A, Rao VR, Fanselow MS, Craske MG, Krahl SE, Chen JWY, Vick M, Hasulak NR, Kao JC, Koek RJ, Suthana N**, Langevin JP**. [*shared first authors; **shared senior authors]
Nature Communications, 14, 2997 (2023).

The Future of iEEG: What Are the Promises and Challenges of Mobile iEEG Recordings?

Maoz SL, Stangl M, Topalovic U, Suthana N.

Book Chapter, in: Axmacher N. (ed.) Intracranial EEG: A guide for cognitive neuroscientists.

Studies in Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavioral Economics, 891-906, Springer (2023).

Boundary-anchored neural mechanisms of location-encoding for self and others.

Stangl M, Topalovic U, Inman CS, Hiller S, Villaroman D, Aghajan ZM, Christov-Moore L, Hasulak NR, Rao VR, Halpern CH, Eliashiv D, Fried I, Suthana N.
Nature, 589, 420-425 (2021).

Sources of path integration error in young and aging humans.

Stangl M*, Kanitscheider I*, Riemer M, Fiete I**, Wolbers T**. [*shared first authors; **shared senior authors]

Nature Communications, 11, 2626 (2020).

Wireless Programmable Recording and Stimulation of Deep Brain Activity in Freely Moving Humans.

Topalovic U, Aghajan ZM, Villaroman D, Hiller S, Christov-Moore L, Wishard TJ, Stangl M, Hasulak NR, Inman C, Fields TA, Rao V, Eliashiv D, Fried I, Suthana N.

Neuron, 108, 322-334 (2020).

Population-level analysis of human grid cell activation.

Stangl M, Wolbers T, Shine JP.

Book chapter, in: Pollmann S. (ed.) Spatial Learning and Attention Guidance.

Neuromethods, vol 151, 257-279, Humana (2019).

Compromised grid-cell-like representations in old age as a mechanistic explanation for age-related navigational deficits.

Stangl M, Achtzehn J, Huber K, Dietrich C, Tempelmann C, Wolbers T.

Current Biology, 28, 1108-1115 (2018).

The GridCAT: A Toolbox for Automated Analysis of Human Grid Cell Codes in fMRI.

Stangl M*, Shine J*, Wolbers T. [*shared first authors]

Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 11:47 (2017).

Changes in pattern completion - a key mechanism to explain age-related recognition memory deficits?

Vieweg P, Stangl M, Howard LR, Wolbers T.

Cortex, 64, 343-351 (2015).

Shutting down sensorimotor interference unblocks the networks for stimulus processing: An SMR neurofeedback training study.

Kober SE, Witte M, Stangl M, Väljamäe A, Neuper C, Wood G.

Clinical Neurophysiology, 126, 82-95 (2015).

Near-infrared spectroscopy based neurofeedback training increases specific motor imagery related cortical activation compared to sham feedback.

Kober SE, Wood G, Kurzmann J, Friedrich EVC, Stangl M, Wippel T, Väljamäe A, Neuper C.

Biological Psychology, 95, 21-30 (2014).

Neural substrates of cognitive control under the belief of getting neurofeedback training.

Ninaus M, Kober SE, Witte M, Koschutnig K, Stangl M, Neuper C, Wood G.

Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7:914 (2013).

A haemodynamic brain-computer interface based on real-time classification of near infrared spectroscopy signals during motor imagery and mental arithmetic.

Stangl M, Bauernfeind G, Kurzmann J, Scherer R, Neuper C.

Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, 21, 157-171 (2013).

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